2 more from Get Graphic staff Complete 3M Advanced Installer Training

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Get Graphic’s Jennifer Rennicke and Randall Ford have both successfully completed 3M Graphic Solutions Advanced Installer Training at J3 Industries, the official 3M training and testing facility in Dallas, Texas. Jennifer attended and completed the training during the January session on 1-24-18, and Randall completed the training one month later during the February training session on 2-21-18.

The Advanced Installer Training is a comprehensive training class that covers advanced installation procedures as well as extensive product knowledge for 3M’s premium line of products.

Completion of the training give both of them expert knowledge of specific 3M products, their recommended uses, and how they should be installed in basic and complex situations.

This training increases our staff at Get Graphic to 3 current personnel who have now completed the Advanced Installer Training as well as a 3m Endorsed Architectural Installer & 3M Preferred Graphics installer, which is the highest level training certification available in our industry.

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