Get Graphic Designs and Prints Graphics for New 3M Training facility at J3 Industries in Dallas, TX.

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As part of a collaboration with 3M Graphic Solutions in St. Paul Minnesota, & J3 Industries In Addison Texas, Get Graphic recently had the privilege of designing and printing all of the graphics and signage for the new 3M Graphics Training and Testing Facility at J3 Industries, just north of Dallas.

After almost a full year of collaboration, the project was designed and printed in house at Get Graphic, & completed using various 3M materials allowing for the opportunity to use some of their high end vinyl and overlaminates in conjunction with many of the products used regularly by graphics installers on a daily basis.

Get Graphic is both humbled and honored to have been chosen as a partner for this project, and would like to thank everyone at 3M Graphics as well as J3 Industries for this amazing opportunity.

More information on 3M training and testing can be found at:

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